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主题: NMT在植物营养方面的参考文献信息

NMT在植物营养方面的参考文献信息 2016-05-06 14:01 #1131

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(1)A wheat CCAAT box-binding transcription factor increases the grain yield of wheat with less fertilizer input.(Plant PhysiologyC2015-007

(2)Scanning ion-selective electrode technique and X-ray microanalysis provides direct evidence of contrasting Na+ transport ability from root to shoot in salt-sensitive cucumber and salt-tolerant pumpkin under NaCl stress.(Physiologia PlantarumC2014-025

(3)Nitrogen metabolism of two contrasting poplar species during acclimation to limiting nitrogen availability(Journal of Experimental BotanyC2013-020

(4)Net fluxes of ammonium and nitrate in association with H+ fluxes in fine roots of Populus popularis.(PlantaC2013-010

(5)The nitrate transporter NRT2.1 functions in the ethylene response to nitrate deficiency in Arabidopsis.(Plant, Cell & EnvironmentC2013-008

(6)Nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) in rice links to NH4+ toxicity and futile NH4+ cycling in roots(Plant and SoilC2013-007

(7)Knockdown of a rice stelar nitrate transporter alters long-distance translocation but not root influx.(Plant PhysiologyC2012-021

(8)Root growth inhibition by NH4+ in Arabidopsis is mediated by the root tip and is linked to NH4+ efflux and GMPase activity.(Plant, Cell & EnvironmentC2010-006


(1)Nitrogen uptake over entire root systems of tree seedlings.(Tree PhysiologyF2014-007

(2)Net NH4+ and NO3- flux, and expression of NH4+ and NO3- transporters in roots of Picea glauca.(TreesF2012-018

(3)Shoot excision has no effect on net flux of protons, ammonium or nitrate in seedling roots of a conifer and three crop species.(Journal of Plant PhysiologyF2012-004
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