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NMT历史上的今天丨Int J Mol Sci 低温胁迫Ca信号文章发表



2018年8月30日,东北农业大学王金刚、周爱民利用NMT在International Journal of Molecular Sciences上发表了标题为PsCor413pm2, a Plasma Membrane-Localized, Cold-Regulated Protein from Phlox subulata, Confers Low Temperature Tolerance in Arabidopsis的研究成果。


  • 期刊:International Journal of Molecular Sciences
  • 主题:PsCor413pm2,来自福禄考的等离子膜定位,冷调节蛋白,在拟南芥中具有低温耐受性
  • 标题:PsCor413pm2, a Plasma Membrane-Localized, Cold-Regulated Protein from Phlox subulata, Confers Low Temperature Tolerance in Arabidopsis
  • 影响因子:3.687
  • 检测指标:Ca2+流速
  • 检测部位:拟南芥根部伸长区
  • Ca2+流实验处理方法:7日龄拟南芥,低温(4摄氏度)瞬时胁迫
  • Ca2+流实验测试液成份:0.1 mM KCl, 0.1 mM CaCl2, 0.1 mM MgCl2, 0.5 mM NaCl, 0.3 mM MES, and 0.2 mM Na2SO4, pH 6
  • 作者:东北农业大学周爱民、王金刚


Low temperature stress adversely affects plant growth and development. Isolation and characterization of cold response genes from cold-tolerant plants help to understand the mechanism underlying low temperature tolerance.

In this study, PsCor413pm2, a cold-regulated (COR) gene isolated from Phlox subulata, was transferred to Arabidopsis plants to investigate its function. Real-time quantitative PCR analysis revealed that PsCor413pm2 expression was induced by cold. Subcellular localization revealed that the PsCor413pm2-green fluorescent protein (GFP) fusion protein localized to the plasma membrane in tobacco and Arabidopsis plants.

Furthermore, overexpression of PsCor413pm2 in Arabidopsis plants enhanced tolerance to low temperature stress. Transgenic Arabidopsis roots had more influx of Ca2+ after a cold shock than wild-type plants, as shown using non-invasive micro-test technology (NMT). Moreover, the transcription abundance of five COR and two C-repeat (CRT) binding factor (CBF) genes in transgenic Arabidopsis plants was higher than that in the wild-type plants under cold stress.

Taken together, our results suggest that overexpression of PsCor413pm2 enhances low temperature tolerance in Arabidopsis plants by affecting Ca2+ flux and the expression of stress-related COR and CBF genes.




在这项研究中,从福禄考(Phlox subulata)分离的冷调节(COR)基因PsCor413pm2被转移到拟南芥植物中以研究其功能。实时定量PCR分析显示PsCor413pm2表达是由冷诱导的。亚细胞定位揭示了PsCor413pm2-绿色荧光蛋白(GFP)融合蛋白定位于烟草和拟南芥植物中的质膜。



shock on net Ca2+ flux in the root elongation zone of transgenic Arabidopsis and wild type (WT) seedlings. (A) The root zones of Arabidopsis seedlings as measured using non-invasive micro-test technology (NMT). (B) Ca2+ kinetics recorded after a cold (4 °C) solution was added (at red arrow) to the chamber are shown. Prior to the cold shock, Ca2+ fluxes in roots were examined for approximately 5 min at room temperature (22 °C). (C) The mean Ca2+ flux rate in the root elongation zone of transgenic Arabidopsis plants (#10) overexpressing PsCor413pm2, as well as WT plants during the period of cold shock is shown. Error bars show the SE of the values from six replicates.